Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Journal: East Germany

Cold War Simulation

East Germany, 1, Orientation: I have joined the Warsaw Pact under the command of the Soviet Union. I hold much hope in our leader to expand. I hope to only reach DEFCON 2 and not go further. I plan to follow our leader and help with my tanks as much as possible before there can be a nuclear war.

East Germany, 1, Day 1: Today our Soviet Leader has stated that he will close off Berlin. He told us that we were going to move west in Europe. I feel that the tension is high and fear that they don’t respond to badly to our actions. That hope was short lived because they have moved many of their troops to West Germany. Both NATO and Warsaw Pact have moved to DEFCON 4. Our leader have probably gone crazy because he as just sent ” Stride Package Bravo” and destroyed West Germany with a lot of their troops. In retaliation NATO has done the same and deployed bombers and submarines as well. Cuba, Moscow, and many other countries have been destroyed, I fear we will all die and it will be the end. 

East Germany, 1, Day 2: Our leader of Warsaw Pact attacked Turkey with the tanks in that are. Unfortunately they were abel to retaliate and completely wipe out my country of East Germany. I fear that the horrible death is finally coming to an end because both us and NATO have activated the “Launch and Warning”.  I thought that this cold war would never get to this. I did not expect my my country to be hit. Now Warsaw Pact and NATO are at a stand off. Italy has been blocked off and now our leader had ordered the “Let The Horsemen Ride”. This is the end and now my hope is gone. I wish that we never had let this happen.