Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan: Hungary

Cold War Simulation

Hungary 1 Orientation: My objectives are to basically stay out of the way of my leader and to not use my military willingly. I’m not going to have much to journal since I’m not really running anything, but I think this is going to get interesting. This isn’t even supposed to be a war, but with my class, we’ll probably end up destroying everything and letting the power of the fact that we have bombs and real weapons to use, get in our heads. All I want to do is follow the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, and hopefully we won’t have a problem in our group.

Hungary 1 Day 1: Well, as I’m sitting here watching everything go down, there’s not much I can really do but let the Soviet Union use my land. Already we’ve launched a weapon which has made everything interesting. Also, NATO seems to want to counter attack quickly. Even as Jackie’s country died away, NATO is getting furious and want to attack the Soviet Union personally. I think that we’re ready for it because all of us think that they can’t do much damage. Maybe we’re too full of ourselves and our strategies. But, we’ll see