WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 1


USSR 1 1938: My goal is to stay neutral as much as possible. I need to be able to conquer my goals without having to fight Germany. If I would get attacked by either the Allies or Axis powers then I could easy loose my land. I am going to side with the Axis in secrete for now they don’t attack. Right now my goals are simple and if I can avoid fighting in my plans that will be great. I know that I would have to attack Finland and Poland but I still need to do that soon or my chance might fade away.

USSR 1 1939: Of course taking out Poland would be our first choice. The USSR needs the oil. Negations are stressful and when they were done we were allies with Rumania and Germany. Taking down Poland was a little to easy and they were wiped out. The only other thing we did was transfer the resources in Poland to Romania. In our agreement Poland is split in half and because we get more resources we plan on giving some to Germany once we can get some more to sustain ourselves. Our next move was to anxious Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Once we done that I felt we accomplished much, but I still felt that we didn’t have much power in the Baltic Sea so we can try to take Finland.

USSR 1 1940: Staying out of the war would be the best choice for now. Let the other powers fight and break down to nothing. My goal to take down Finland was delayed due to the USSR’s rating not being enough. Even though I lost, my goal is still there and I still have my land. Rumania and I had an agreement that we got the resources from Poland in exchange they got Bessarabia in their control. Even though they have it now we will get it back. The only thing I’m worried about is them attacking us.

USSR1 1941: Annexing Bessarabia from Rumania right after I gave it to them in exchange for resources was a sly plan but it helped complete my objective. I have little fear that Rumania would try to take it back. There is also the fact that Germany is busy with France and Great Britain. As for right now we are still neutral and I’m baking on staying like this to keep the pressure off so I can take Finland before Great Britain decides to move to Norway and then east which could foil my plans.

USSR 1 1942: This year was early simple. As the USSR we finely got Finland due to their weakened troops form our loss of the battle in 1940. I am so proud that no one is attacking me. Although it does suck that our navy in the Baltic Sea got wiped out. I think that Great Britain is going to try to have us join them but there is know way I’m getting myself caught up in that mess. Like the saying goes hit two birds with one stone, I’m letting my enemies forces dirndl down so if an attack come I can at least try to survive. Once Rumania seems possible and my troops are moved I’m going in for their land.

USSR 1 1943: I planed to attack Rumania for their land. Due to that being the only way to get their territory. Although I didn’t account on the troops they would be able to defend with and my attack failed. To my defense I did try to take it by sending a lot of troops to the point that they were wakened. I’m not stupid so I won’t be attacking again. Germany will just move a portion of their troops and it would be best of I did the same. I’m gong to loose if I attack again so I will just stand by and let them come to me.

USSR 1 1944: I waited and planned to move troops to defend my border. I took some out of Serbia because they had a better chance of defending than my western troops. I know I’m going to be attacked seeing how easily France just got take over. Japan also has to acquire some land from my eastern territory. I think I have enough troops in each spot to defend and I can now only hope.

USSR 1 1945: I was attacked by Germany so we were forced to join the Allis and was able to defend the Ukraine. The Japanese then attack the Eastern USSR and I was able to defend without loosing any land. The war ended with me have almost all of my plans going perfectly and I put up a good fight against Rumania.